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I love you guys! You rock! A+ Yard looks great. Thank you for the mowing tips i.e. how high to set the mower.
B. Schmid - Omaha, NE

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Aeration & Overseeding


It's goaeration-picturetta breath! Sunshine, Regular Mowing. Watering, Fertilizing & Insecticide Applications - not enough for a great lawn.  Heartland Lawns™ Omaha NE covers the ground on turf health wellness via Lawn Aeration. We use special equipment to systematically remove thousands of small plugs from the soil & deposit them on the grass surface - to help lawns inhale the rich nutrients.  Rule of thumb: No aeration = stagnant lawn growth.

Lawn Aeration helps achieve a plush carpet of grass. At last! Our core removal process allows oxygen & water to reach roots, loosens up soil to promote growth, permits fertilizers to seep downward, and breaks up thatch - a layer of grass stems, roots, clippings & debris that decompose or over-accumulate over time.

Did you know? That after Lawn Aeration is complete - it's the ideal time for Overseeding.

We highly recommend Lawn Aeration in late August, September or October. No worries. We charge a competitive rate.

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Heartland Lawns Omaha NE...Green Grass. At Last!



Lawn seeding - one of the most overlooked tasks necessary to keep turf - thick & weed-free. Heartland Lawns Omaha NE recommends annual fall Overseeding for overall lawn health wellness! Lawn grass is not immortal. How can you tell if grass has passed? Check it. Spread the glass blades. If you see the soil - it’s time for renewal - Overseeding.  

The best time for Overseeding with blended bluegrass - early September or October - when days are warm - nights cool. Overseeding in general makes the lawn more - disease, drought & insect-resistant.

 For best results, we suggest you let Heartland Lawns™ handle turf Aeration  first - for good seed-to-soil contact. Why? The thousands of turf holes we’ve made - create the ideal conditions for higher seed germination. Of course, afterward, water your lawn at least once a day for two achieve full seed germination!


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Heartland Lawns™ Omaha NE...Green Grass. At Last!